Landscape Gardening, Property & Maintenance Services

Professional & dedicated tree surgery

Property and Grounds Maintenance

Our expert team has each of the skills, know-how and equipment to keep your residential, domestic and commercial properties’ gardens and landscapes in premium condition. We will make sure they’re always at their best for your maximum pride and enjoyment.

We will happily offer contracts or perform individual services as required. The following are some of the areas we can undertake to keep your grounds in tiptop condition.

Grass cutting and lawn edging

Our maintenance services include regular lawn mowing and grass cutting. We appreciate that many people just don’t have the time or inclination to take proper care of the lawns in the gardens or at their business premises. We can take care of your lawns whatever size or condition, and offer suggestions and additional services to grow them into peak health, style and presentation.


We offer an expert turfing and lawn laying service to give you a stunning looking and healthy lawn in the minimum amount of time. There is a range of turf types available, and we can suggest the best option for your garden or property, using our expertise in this area.


We can provide a maintenance plan to make sure you get the very best out of your new lawn, or alternatively, we’ll be happy to carry out the maintenance for you, to guarantee the very best results from your investment.


If your lawn contains a large amount of moss or other dead and unwanted debris, we can scarify and treat it to return it to its peak state and optimum health. Your newly aerated and weed free lawn soil will help your grass to grow as healthily as possible.

Strimming/brush cutting

We’ve got a range of varying sizes of strimmers and brush cutters for every eventuality. If you’ve got areas of grass, weed, brush or other vegetation that are out of control, we can take care of them all. No job is too large or too small, as our brush cutters will attack even the most hardy of growths.

Border maintenance

Taking care of your borders can be demanding and time-consuming, so our team of landscape garden experts will keep them in excellent condition to save you the time and the hard work. We can carry out border maintenance for all sizes of gardens, estates, commercial landscapes and grounds, and also offer advice and direction in plant care, soil types, as well as the pruning and feeding of your plants, shrubs, hedges and trees.

Climbing plant maintenance

Climbing plants and wall shrubs can provide an array of striking features adorning your walls, fences, arches, obelisks and pergolas. They’re a great choice for smaller gardens or where space is scarce, creating strong features in an upward direction. They require expert pruning and training to get the best from your plants and design, including the right amount of propagating and aftercare.

Our landscaping and horticultural experts will create beautiful shapes and striking colours from your installations, instead of allowing them to get out of hand by growing outwards to form an ugly bushy mass instead of the visual delight they should be.

Tree and hedge planting

Tree and hedge planting should be taken care of with proper thought and research into the type of role they’re going to perform, the environment they’re going to be installed, and the best type of plant for the task and situation.

We can help you pick out the very best options when planting, to achieve screening, windbreaks, noise barriers, perimeter marking, decorative and ornamental options, as well as controlling livestock or managing soil erosion.

We will investigate the environment and topography to consider the specific ground conditions, soil types, growth rates, access and more.

Hedge cutting and maintenance

JW Tree Surgery & Gardens has the skilled operatives and all the relevant equipment to manage and maintain all types of hedges, large or small.

Tractor and flail

Often larger machinery is required to tackle long or large stretches of hedging. Our qualified staff will carry out these operations safely and to the highest standards.

Clearing and disposing of arisings

Arisings are the elements of cut wood left over after tree surgery. We will happily take care of their removal for you, or alternatively, we can provide chipping or logging from them to be used for firewood or other practical use.

Firewood and Woodchip supply service

We also provide a firewood and woodchip supply service where our customers can buy either product by the cubic meter. Our hardwood is only sold when at the appropriate moisture level to offer premium burning in open fires or wood burners, and our woodchip is the perfect product for all garden borders and paths

Saw Milling

We offer a mobile saw milling service for any tree trunks, wood and timber you may have that could be machined into useful boards, planks or timber. This is a great option to recycle and reuse the resources from any tree felling or removal into a useful and practical commodity with real value.

For all domestic and commercial tree surgery or landscape gardening projects carried out at the highest level, call us now:

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