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Stump Grinding

Once trees are removed often the tree stumps need to be removed, we can offer stump removal as a follow-up service, this is often required to prevent an unsightly presence on the property. Trip hazards are eliminated and possible damage to lawnmowers. With stump grinding shallow roots can be stump ground out also as part of the full stump removal. In eliminating the roots and stump fully we can stop the spreading of Armillaria (honey fungus) throughout the ground. Any future regrowth from the stump is eliminated saving on future maintenance.

Stump Grinding Method

Our machinery can work down to 12 inches if necessary. Prior to the work obstacles must be identified before work can begin! Cable detection devices can be used. Some situations require removal down to just below the ground level to avoid regrowth. Full stump removal and stump grinding are often needed when replacing trees, hedging or landscaping is being implemented.

Adjoining services

Reclamation of land and garden borders can be achieved. Stump grinding can be followed by rotovating and levelling of soil leaving a clean slate for future works and projects!

Stump treatment

When machinery access cannot be achieved then eco plugs can be implemented. Special drill bits provide a slot for which the eco plug can fit. Eco plugs contain glyphosate that once applied through driving the plug in kills off the tree stump and prevents regrowth. The eco plug is designed to keep the substance away from physical contact with the user and the public.


Stump grinding machines have a series of teeth which with their sharp edge erode the tree stumps away, this creates a fine mulch which mixes with the soil. More often than not this can be backfilled into the hole created by the stump grinder. Alternatively, the mulch can be removed and reused elsewhere in the garden and topsoil be put in its place.

Suffolk Stump Grinding

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